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About Trading Cards and Card Construction

Non-sports trading cards can be about many things, from famous people to famous animals, comic characters, machines, and much more. They are usually 3.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide.

Construction:  The trading cards are printed on large sheets of heavy paper called "print sheets", typically 30 inches by 40 inches and containing up to 72 cards. The sheets are cut into the individual cards and sent to packaging.  Some are packaged as a "packs", a fixed number of random cards and put into small containers such as printed pouches, bags or small boxes.   The packs are then placed into a larger "box", typically 36 packs to a box, and sold at stores. 

The paper weight is measured in "points", from as little as 10 point (very flimsy) up to 18 point (very sturdy) and beyond. The cards are often coated with either aqueous (somewhat glossy) which protects from moisture, or Ultra-Violet (UV, very glossy) which protects from moisture and sun damage to colors.  The cards may be stamped with metal foils of different colors, stamped with holograms, embossing, and other effects.

Packaging:  A basic "set" of trading cards consists of one each of the "common cards" which are easy to acquire from the packs or by trading with others. The odds of finding any one common card are equal to the number of cards in a set.  "Chase" cards (or insert or bonus) are typically manufactured using a different process or design, and are randomly inserted into the packs. The odds of finding a chase card is customarily indicated by how many packs would have to be opened to find a single chase card. Because these cards are more rare, they can be worth many times the cost of a complete basic set!  For many  people though, the fun is in buying packs you choose yourself, finding that rare chase card or trading the extra commons with friends or dealers to complete the set.  Some manufacturers create the basic set for you, and are called factory sets.

Error Card: A card that contains a mistake such as an incorrect photo, a misspelled name or incorrect statistical information. Unlike many products, errors in collectibles can greatly increase their value.  If the error cards are discarded/destroyed and corrected cards printed, the error card is usually more valuable. An error card that has no corrected version usually has no additional value.

Other Items:  Sometimes accessories  made of plastic and cardboard are available for the storage and display of the cards. Clear plastic pages with card-sized pockets are specially designed to protect the cards from acids on the fingers while viewing the cards (usually 9 cards per page) in a 3 ring binder. The products made from plastic contain no PVC's (which could break down and cause card damage) and are UV coated to protect the cards from fading and discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight.

Many manufactures also make albums specially designed for the card sets. The albums are usually 3 ring binders that hold the plastic pages. The albums may or may not include the plastic pages. The outsides of the album are frequently printed to match the theme of the card set.

Golden HorseShu® cards

Golden HorseShu® cards are made of 16 point paper, UV coated for the best protection.  There are two chase cards which are called FAME cards in each series.  There are 9 random common cards per pack so that the 9-pocket page  which is included is filled, and 24 packs to a box.  There is 1 of each FAME card per box.  Odds of getting  a particular FAME card are 1 in 24 packs, with odds of any 1 particular common card being about 1 in 8 packs.

Series 1 has 67 common cards and 2 FAME cards, Man o'War and Gifted.  The run is limited to 5,000 sheets, or sets.  The first printing contained 6 cards with errors.  A special run for corrected versions was made and substituted for those cards not yet circulated.  Description of the error cards are here (click). 200 uncut sheets, 72 cards,  reserved for sales, includes 3 duplicates (click here for sales).

Series 2 has 68 common cards and 2 FAME cards, Misty of Chincoteague and Big Ben.  Print run also created special Misty cards S1 and S2 earmarked for sales on Chincoteague Island.  Card S1 has the same photo as the FAME card, but the back gives Misty's detailed history, no statistics.  Card S2 has the same photo as Card 50, but the back has split info on both Misty and Stormy, plus a family tree from Phantom through Misty II and the other grandbabies.  First printing was 6,500 sheets or sets.  One additional printing may be made, decision later.  200  uncut sheets, 72 cards, reserved for sales, includes cards S1 and S2. (click here for sales).

Custom Albums with the Golden HorseShu® theme are available, as well as various plastic single and double card holders and a velvet pouch.  Our plastic pocket pages are the best in the industry, Ultra-Pro hologram, which are UV coated and contain no PVC's.  

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