Golden HorseShu Trading Cards

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Overview of Golden HorseShu Trading Cards

Trading cards are really fun to collect. There have been all kinds, from baseball to movie stars. Golden HorseShu Trading Cards are for horse lovers! We think you will love to collect the beautiful horses, and enjoy learning about them. Click here to see Series 1. ------- Click here to see Series 2.

A Series is a collection of cards that are printed all at once. We have made Series 1, with 69 cards, and Series 2, with 70 cards.

Our beautiful cards have a photograph of a real horse on the front, framed in a shiny gold foil border. The horse's information is on the back, like sire, dam, awards, personality (some like peppermints!). For collectors, we have outlined the card construction, which you can see by clicking here.

Many people ask us "What about Series 3?". Stellar Publishing Corporation does plan to produce a Series 3, but it is unknown at this time just when. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that we are working with Sionayra artists to produce a hand-drawn gorgeous collection of fantasy horses that can be collected in Circle herds. You can find out about the world of Sionayra by clicking here.

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