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Card Updates Since Publication

In an effort to let people know what has been happening with the horses featured on our cards, we publish any changes submitted to us by the owners of these horses. In addition, in the first printing of Series 1, there were some error cards. These cards can be highly prized by collectors.

Series 1:

Card #

Horse Name

Description of error/update



Error: Breed Notes was repeated for Personality of Horse



Error:First block of information was absent: Barn Name through Estimated Value.  Some of the cards were corrected with a sticker before replacements were issued.



Error:Published with Bianco's picture, #42



Error:Published with Dino's picture, #41


Man o'War

Error:Born in 1917, died in 1947, Man o'War was officially 30 years old.  Card says 31 years old.  Thoroughbreds are aged according to a spring date, and he died shortly before that date.



Error:Checklist is card number 52, but it's own card says it is card 50.  This is because 2 more cards were inserted into the set shortly before printing, and checklist wasn't corrected.

Series 2:
Card #
Horse Name
Description of error/update
Update:Dazzler has a new owner:  JJ and Heather Schulte, Jubilee Farms, Wilmington, OH  ---,
Bickel's Elegant Dream
Update: Another Win!    Bickel'S Elegant Dream in the September 2000 American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) National Show in Columbia, MO:Places 1st of 24 in Multi Color Mares 34" and under; 5th of 27 entries in Model Mare 34" and under; 3rd of 17 in Aged Mares 3 and older in the 32-34" class. After the show we retired Ellie for breeding. Look for her foal in the show ring in "2001"
    Jim Stuart (Stuart Family Miniatures)


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